Changing Lives One Jump Rope At A Time

Ropes for Hopes is dedicated to promoting exercise and fun for orphans and institutionalized children across the world through jump roping.

What we do . . . provide jump ropes and jump rope instruction.

Why we do it . . .  to bring fun to orphanages and help increase physical activity, build coordination and self confidence.

How we do it . . . by donating jump ropes, time and smiles. We can’t be everywhere around the world, so we’ve teamed up with world renown jump roper and Cirque du Soleil performer Adrienn Banhegyi to create an instructional video and program to be sent with the jump ropes, to teach the kids.

Here is a sample of the instructional video that will be sent to the orphanages with the jump ropes:

Ropes for Hopes – jump rope instruction video from Promotime on Vimeo.